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SubscribedTitle, Link & CoveragePublisher
INDEST21st Century Fuels   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDEST4OR: A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research   Springer Link
INDESTAACE International Transactions   1992 ABI/INFORM
IIScAAPG BulletinGeoScienceWorld
INDESTABA Bank Compliance   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTABA Bankers News   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTABA Bank Marketing   1991 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAbdominal Imaging   Springer Link
INDESTAbsatzwirtschaft   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Management Journal   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Management Journal (pre-1986)   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Management Learning & Education   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Management Perspectives, The   1991 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Management. The Academy of Management Review   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Management. The Academy of Management Review (pre-1986)   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Marketing Science. Journal   1996 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Marketing Science. Journal (pre-1986)   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAcademy of Marketing Science Review   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTACC Current Journal Review   1995 ELSEVIER
INDESTAccess Czech Republic Business Bulletin   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccident Analysis & Prevention   1969 ELSEVIER
INDESTAccident and Emergency Nursing   1993 ELSEVIER
INDESTAccountancy   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccountancy Ireland   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccountants Digest, The   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting and Business Research   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting and Finance   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting, Business & Financial History   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting Education; London   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting Education News   1993 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting Forum   2004 ELSEVIER
INDESTAccounting Horizons   1991 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting, Management and Information Technologies   1991 ELSEVIER
INDESTAccounting Office Management & Administration Report   2000 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting, Organizations and Society   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting Review, The   1993 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAccounting Technology   1992 ABI/INFORM
IIScAccounts of Chemical ResearchACS
INDESTAccreditation and Quality Assurance: Journal for Quality, Comparability and Reliability in Chemical Measurement   Springer Link
INDESTACI Materials Journal   2005 Proquest Science
INDESTACI Structural Journal   2005 Proquest Science
INDESTACM Computing Surveys   1996 ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)   1969 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Journal of Computer Documentation (JCD)   Nov Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems (JETC)   2005 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems (LOPLAS)   MARC Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Algorithms (TALG):   l-05 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP)   l-04 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)   r-04 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (TALIP)   r-02 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems    p-06 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Computational Logic   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Computational Logic (TOCL)   l-00 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI)   r-94 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Computer Systems   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS)   b-83 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Database Systems   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS)   r-76 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES)   n-96 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS)    v-02 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Graphics   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)   n-82 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Information and System Security   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC)   v-98 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Information Systems   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS)   n-83 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Internet Technology   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT)   g-04 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Mathematical Software   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS)   r-75 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS)   n-91 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP)   b-05 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS)   l-79 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN)   g-05 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology   ABI/INFORM
INDESTACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM)   n-92 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing (TSLP   v-04 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACM Transactions on Storage (TOS)   b-05 Association for Computing Machinery
INDESTACN: Asian Chemical News   2002 ABI/INFORM
IIScACS Applied Materials & InterfacesACS
IIScACS Chemical BiologyACS
IIScACS Chemical NeuroscienceACS
INDESTActa Applicandae Mathematicae   ABI/INFORM
INDESTActa Applicandae Mathematicae: An International Survey Journal on Applying Mathematics and Mathematical Applications   Springer Link
INDESTActa Astronautica   1974 ELSEVIER
IIScACTA Biochimica Et Biophysica SinicaOUP
INDESTActa Biomaterialia   2005 ELSEVIER
INDESTActa Biotheoretica   Springer Link
IIScACTA Crystallographica -AWiley
IIScACTA Crystallographica -BWiley
IIScACTA Crystallographica -CWiley
IIScACTA Crystallographica -DWiley
IIScACTA Crystallographica -EWiley
IIScACTA Crystallographica -FWiley
INDESTActa Crystallographica. Section A : Foundations of Crystallography   Proquest Science
INDESTActa Crystallographica. Section B : Structural Science   Proquest Science
INDESTActa Crystallographica. Section C : Crystal Structure Communications   Proquest Science
INDESTActa Diabetologica   Springer Link
INDESTACT. Advertising/Communications Times   2000 ABI/INFORM
INDESTActa ethologica   Springer Link
INDESTActa Histochemica   2000 ELSEVIER
INDESTActa Informatica   2002 ABI/INFORM
INDESTActa Juridica Hungarica   Springer Link
INDESTActa Linguistica Hungarica   Springer Link
INDESTActa Materialia   1996 ELSEVIER
IIScACTA Mathematica SinicaSPRINGER
INDESTActa Mechanica   Springer Link
INDESTActa Metallurgica   1953 ELSEVIER
INDESTActa Metallurgica et Materialia   1990 ELSEVIER
INDESTActa Meteorologica Sinica   2005 Proquest Science
INDESTActa Neurochirurgica   Springer Link
INDESTActa Neuropathologica   Springer Link
INDESTActa Oecologica   1997 ELSEVIER
INDESTActa Psychologica   1936 ELSEVIER
INDESTActa Tropica   1989 ELSEVIER
INDESTAcute Pain   1997 ELSEVIER
INDESTAddictive Behaviors   1976 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdditives for Polymers   1987 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdhesives Age   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdhesives & Sealants Industry   2001 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAd Hoc Networks   2003 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdministration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research   Springer Link
INDESTAdministration in Social Work   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdministration & Society   1996 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdministrative Management   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdministrative Science Quarterly   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdministrative Theory & Praxis   2005 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdsorption   Springer Link
INDESTAdvanced Cement Based Materials   1993 ELSEVIER
IIScAdvanced Drug Delivery ReviewsELSEVIER
INDESTAdvanced Energy Conversion   1961 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvanced Engineering Informatics   2002 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvanced Imaging   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvanced Materials   Wiley
INDESTAdvanced Materials & Processes   Proquest Science
INDESTAdvanced Packaging   2005 Proquest Science
INDESTAdvanced Performance Materials   Springer Link
INDESTAdvanced Synthesis & Catalysis   Wiley
INDESTAdvances in Applied Mathematics   1980 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Applied Probability   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in Behaviour Research and Therapy   1977 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Biophysics   1982 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Cement Research   ICE
INDESTAdvances in Colloid and Interface Science   1967 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Competitiveness Research   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in Computational Mathematics   Springer Link
INDESTAdvances in Consumer Research   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in Contraception   Springer Link
INDESTAdvances in Developing Human Resources   2003 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in Economic Analysis & Policy   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in Engineering Software   1992 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Engineering Software (1978)   1978 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Engineering Software and Workstations   1991 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Environmental Research   2000 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Enzyme Regulation   1963 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Free Radical Biology & Medicine   1985 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Health Sciences Education   Springer Link
INDESTAdvances in International Accounting   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in International Comparative Management   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in International Marketing   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in Macroeconomics   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in Mathematics   1965 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Molecular Relaxation and Interaction Processes   1977 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Molecular Relaxation Processes   1967 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Neuroimmunology   1991 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Optics and Photnics   2009 OSA
IIScAdvances in PhysicsTAYLOR
INDESTAdvances in Polymer Technology   Wiley
INDESTAdvances in Space Research   1981 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvances in Theoretical Economics   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvances in Water Resources   1977 ELSEVIER
INDESTAdvertising Age; Midwest region edition   1999 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvisor's Edge   2002 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdvisor Today   1991 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdweek; Eastern edition   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdweek Magazines' Technology Marketing   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdweek; Midwest edition   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdweek; New England edition   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdweek; Southeast edition   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdweek; Southwest edition   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAdweek; Western edition   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAequationes Mathematicae   Proquest Science
INDESTAerobiologia   Springer Link
INDESTAeroMedical Journal   1986 ELSEVIER
INDESTAerospace America   Proquest Science
INDESTAerospace Daily & Defense Report   2000 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAerospace Science and Technology   1997 ELSEVIER
INDESTAesthetic Plastic Surgery   Springer Link
INDESTAesthetic Surgery Journal   1995 ELSEVIER
INDESTAEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications   2001 ELSEVIER
INDESTAfrican Archaeological Review   Springer Link
INDESTAfrican Business   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAfrican Development Review   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAfrican Mining Monitor   2001 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAfrica Research Bulletin : Economic, Financial and Technical Series   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAftermarket Business   2000 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAg Consultant   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAGE   Springer Link
INDESTAgeing Research Reviews   2002 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgency Sales   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAgExporter   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAggression and Violent Behavior   1996 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgribusiness   1999 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAgribusiness (1986-1998)   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAgribusiness (pre-1986)   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAgricultural Administration   1974 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgricultural Administration and Extension   1987 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgricultural and Forest Meteorology   1984 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgricultural Economics   1986 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgricultural Meteorology   1964 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgricultural Research   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAgricultural Systems   1976 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgricultural Wastes   1979 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgricultural Water Management   1976 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgriculture and Environment   1974 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgriculture and Human Values   Springer Link
INDESTAgriculture, Ecosystems & Environment   1983 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgri - Industry Europe   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAgro-Ecosystems   1974 ELSEVIER
INDESTAgroforestry Systems   Springer Link
INDESTAgronomy Journal   2001 Proquest Science
INDESTAIChE Journal   Wiley
IIScAICHE JournalWiley
INDESTAIDS and Behavior   Springer Link
INDESTAIIM E - Doc Magazine   2001 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAI Magazine   1997 Proquest Science
INDESTAir & Space Europe   1999 ELSEVIER
INDESTAir Cargo Report   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAir Cargo World   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAir Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAircraft Design   1998 ELSEVIER
INDESTAircraft Economics   2002 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAircraft Maintenance Technology   2005 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAircraft Value News   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAirfinance Journal   1993 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAir Force Comptroller   1996 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAirline Business   2002 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAirline Business Report   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAirline Industry Information   2001 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAirline Marketing News   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAir Medical Journal   1993 ELSEVIER
INDESTAirport Business   2005 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAirport Security Report   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAir Power History   1996 Proquest Science
INDESTAir Progress   1997 Proquest Science
INDESTAir Safety Week   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAir Traffic Management   2002 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAir Transport World   1991 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAI & Society   Springer Link
INDESTAkron Business and Economic Review   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAlaska Business Monthly   1986 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAlaska Journal of Commerce   1985 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAlgebra Colloquium   Springer Link
INDESTAlgebras and Representation Theory   Springer Link
INDESTAlgorithmica   Springer Link
INDESTAlternative Investment News   2002 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAlternatives Journal   1993 Proquest Science
INDESTAlternative Therapies in Health and Medicine   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAlzheimer's & Dementia   2005 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmber Waves   2003 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmbio   2005 Proquest Science
INDESTAmbulatory Surgery   1993 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Academy of Advertising. Conference. Proceedings   2005 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Advertising   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Agent & Broker   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Anthropologist   1999 Proquest Science
IIScAmerican Association of Petroleum GeologistsGeoScienceWorld
INDESTAmerican Bankers Association. ABA Banking Journal   1991 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Behavioral Scientist (1986-1994), The   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Behavioral Scientist (pre-1986), The   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Behavioral Scientist, The   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Biology Teacher, The   2000 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Business Law Journal   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Business Law Journal (1986-1998)   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Business Law Journal (pre-1986)   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Business Review   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Ceramic Society. American Ceramic Society Bulletin   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Ceramic Society. Journal of the American Ceramic Society   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican City & County, The   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Demographics   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Dental Association. The Journal of the American Dental Association   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Dietetic Association. Journal of the American Dietetic Association   1995 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Documentation (pre-1986)   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Economic Review, The   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Economist   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Editor   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Educational Research Journal   2001 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Family Physician   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Fastener Journal   2004 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Forests   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Fruit Grower   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Gas   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Glass Review   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Health   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Heart Journal   1925 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. AIAA Journal   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers. AIChE Journal   1997 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Journal of Botany   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Community Psychology   Springer Link
INDESTAmerican Journal of Dance Therapy   Springer Link
INDESTAmerican Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, The   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Economics and Sociology, The   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Journal of Epidemiology   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Human Genetics   2005 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Hypertension   1995 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Journal of Infection Control   1982 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Journal of Mathematics   2003 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Nursing, The   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Ophthalmology   1998 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Journal of Orthodontics   1948 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics   1986 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Journal of Orthodontics and Oral Surgery   1938 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Journal of Otolaryngology   1989 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Journal of Physics   Proquest Science
IIScAmerican Journal of PhysiologyAPS
INDESTAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine   1998 ELSEVIER
INDESTAmerican Journal of Psychology, The   1995 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Public Health   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Journal of Science   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Journal of Sociology, The   1996 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Journal of Sports Medicine, The   Proquest Science
IIScAmerican Journal of Tropical Medicine & HygieneASTMH
INDESTAmerican Law and Economics Review   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Machinist   1996 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Marketing Association. Conference Proceedings   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Mathematical Monthly, The   1997 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Mathematical Society. Bulletin, New Series, of the American Mathematical Society   Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Midland Naturalist, The   1997 Proquest Science
IIScAmerican MineralogistGeoScienceWorld
INDESTAmerican Mineralogist, The   Proquest Science
IIScAmerican NaturalistUNIV OF CHICAGO PR
INDESTAmerican Naturalist, The   2002 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Planning Association. Journal of the American Planning Association   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Printer   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Review of Public Administration   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Salesman, The   1992 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Scientist   1995 Proquest Science
INDESTAmerican Society of International Law. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Sociological Review   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Statistician, The   1996 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Vegetable Grower   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Water Works Association. Journal   1996 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerican Woodworker   1998 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmerica's Network   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAmino Acids   Springer Link
INDESTAmusement Business   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnaerobe   1995 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnalog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing   Springer Link
INDESTAnalysis and Intervention in Developmental Disabilities   1981 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnalysis in Theory and Applications   Springer Link
INDESTAnalyst Wire   2004 ABI/INFORM
IIScAnalytica Chimica ActaELSEVIER
IIScAnalytical AbstractsRSC
INDESTAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry   Springer Link
IIScAnalytical BiochemistryELSEVIER
INDESTAnalytical Chemistry   Proquest Science
IIScAnalytical MethodsRSC
INDESTAnatomy and Embryology   Springer Link
INDESTAndean Report   2001 ABI/INFORM
IIScAngewandte ChemieWiley
INDESTAngewandte Chemie International Edition   Wiley
INDESTAngiogenesis   Springer Link
INDESTAnimal Behaviour   Proquest Science
INDESTAnimal Cognition   Springer Link
INDESTAnimal Feed Science and Technology   1976 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnimal Reproduction Science   1978 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de Cardiologie et d'Angéiologie   2001 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de Chirurgie   2000 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de Chirurgie de la Main   1982 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de Chirurgie Plastique Esthétique   2001 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de Génétique   2000 ELSEVIER
IIScAnnales De L' Institut Henri PoincareELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de l'Institut Henri Poincare (B) Probability and Statistics   1997 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de l'Institut Henri Poincare (C) Non Linear Analysis   1997 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de l'Institut Pasteur. Immunologie   1981 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de l'Institut Pasteur. Microbiologie   1983 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de l'Institut Pasteur. Virologie   1980 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de Paléontologie   1998 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales de Réadaptation et de Médecine Physique   1995 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales des Sciences Naturelles - Zoologie et Biologie Animale   1998 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales d'Urologie   2001 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales Françaises d'Anesthésie et de Réanimation   1982 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales Geophysicae   Springer Link
INDESTAnnales Médico-psychologiques, revue psychiatrique   2001 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnales Scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure   1997 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of Anatomy - Anatomischer Anzeiger   1999 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Biomedical Engineering   Springer Link
IIScAnnals of BotanyOUP
INDESTAnnals of Clinical Psychiatry   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of Diagnostic Paediatric Pathology   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of Diagnostic Pathology   1997 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Economic and Social Measurement   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnals of Emergency Medicine   1980 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Epidemiology   1995 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Finance   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of Global Analysis and Geometry   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnals of Hematology   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of Mathematical Logic   1970 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of Nuclear Energy   1975 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Nuclear Science and Engineering   1974 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Oncology   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of Operations Research   1999 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnals of Physics   1957 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Probability   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnals of Public and Cooperative Economics   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnals of Pure and Applied Logic   1983 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Regional Science, The   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnals of Software Engineering   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of Statistics   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnals of Surgical Oncology   Springer Link
INDESTAnnals of the ICRP   1977 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of the ICRP/ICRP Publication   1959 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnals of Tourism Research   1973 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnals of Vascular Surgery   Springer Link
IIScAnnual Reports -ARSC
IIScAnnual Reports -BRSC
IIScAnnual Reports -CRSC
INDESTAnnual Review in Automatic Programming   1960 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Biochemistry   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics   1997 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Fish Diseases   1991 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnnual Review of Fluid Mechanics   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Genetics   1999 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Information Science & Technology   Wiley
INDESTAnnual Review of Medicine   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Microbiology   1997 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Neuroscience   1997 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Physical Chemistry   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Physiology   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Plant Biology   1998 Proquest Science
INDESTAnnual Review of Sociology   1995 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAnnual Reviews in Control   1996 ELSEVIER
INDESTAnti - Corrosion Methods and Materials   1997 ABI/INFORM
IIScAntimicrobial Agents & ChemotheraphyASM
INDESTAntimicrobic Newsletter   1984 ELSEVIER
INDESTAntimicrobics and Infectious Diseases Newsletter   1994 ELSEVIER
INDESTAntitrust Bulletin   1997 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAntitrust Law & Economics Review   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAntitrust Law Journal   ABI/INFORM
INDESTAntiviral Research   1981 ELSEVIER
INDESTAntonie van Leeuwenhoek   Springer Link
IIScAnziam JournalCUP
INDESTApoptosis   Springer Link
INDESTAppalachian Business Review   ABI/INFORM
INDESTApparel Industry Magazine   1994 ABI/INFORM
INDESTAppetite   1987 ELSEVIER
INDESTAppliance Design   1992 ABI/INFORM
IIScApplicable Algebra in Engg Commn & ComputingSPRINGER
INDESTApplicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing   Springer Link
INDESTApplications of Mathematics   Springer Link
INDESTApplications of Surface Science   1977 ELSEVIER
INDESTApplied Acoustics   1968 ELSEVIER
INDESTApplied and Computational Harmonic Analysis   1993 ELSEVIER
IIScApplied and Environmental MicrobiologyASM
INDESTApplied and Preventive Psychology   1993 ELSEVIER
INDESTApplied Animal Behaviour Science   1984 ELSEVIER
INDESTApplied Animal Ethology   1974 ELSEVIER
INDESTApplied Behavioral Science Review   1993 ELSEVIER
INDESTApplied Bionics and Biomechanics   2005 Proquest Science
INDESTApplied Catalysis   1981 ELSEVIER
IIScApplied Catalysis A: GeneralELSEVIER
IIScApplied Catalysis B: EnvironmentalELSEVIER
INDESTApplied Categorical Structures   Springer Link
INDESTApplied Clay Science   1985 ELSEVIER
INDESTApplied Composite Materials   Springer Link
INDESTApplied Economics   ABI/INFORM
INDESTApplied Economics Letters   ABI/INFORM
INDESTApplied Energy   1975 ELSEVIER
INDESTApplied Ergonomics   1969 ELSEVIER
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INDESTColumbia Law Review   ABI/INFORM
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IIScComposite StructureELSEVIER
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