Biological Science Division

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Lagrangian formalismLagrangian quantum field theory
Laminar flameLandau,L.D.
Landau,Lev DavidovichLand clerance
Langmuir-blodgett filmsLanguages - Indian
LAN (Local Area Network)Large scale systems
Large-scale systemsLarge-scale systems - Mathematical models
Large scale systems modellingLars onsager - Collected works
Lase plasmaLaser
Laser ablation and desorptionLaser interaction
Laser interaction and related plasma phenomenaLaser interferomenter space antenna
Laser plasma interactionLaser-plasma interactions
Laser plasmasLasers
Lasers in chemistryLaser spectroscopy
Laser spectroscopy Mass spectrometryLaser Spectroscopy Spectrochemistry Chemistry, Analytic
LaTex(Computer file)LaTeX(Computer file)
LATEX(Computer file)Lattice dynamics
Lattice dynamics-theoryLattice theory
Lattice theory- GasesLaw of Physics
Leaves Society for experimental biology(Great Brit.)Less common metals in proteins and nucleic acid probes
Lexicon of psychiatriclibraries
Libraries and electronic publishingLibraries, Applications of microcomputer systems
Libraries - AutomationLibraries- Automation
Libraries - Automation dBase (Computer program) - Library aLibraries - Automation Information technology
Libraries - Bibliographic recordsLibraries - Computer files
Libraries - Cost controlLibraries management
Libraries, On-line cataloguesLibraries - Optical disks
Libraries - Special collectionsLibraries - Special collections - are books
Libraries - Special collections - Non-book materialsLibraries - Special collections - Periodiclas
Libraries - Stock VerificationsLibraries - United States - special collections - Computer
Libraries - United States - Special collections - ComputerLibraries - United States - Special collections - Electroni
Libraries, Univ. & College - User educationLibraries, University and college
Libraries, University and college - FinanceLibrary administartion
Library administrationLibrary administration - Study and teaching - Simulation me
Library admonistrationLibrary applications
Library automationLibrary calssification
Library catalogueLibrary catalogue, Computarised
Library cataloguesLibrary cataloguing
Library catrlogueLibrary classification
Library classification - FundamentalsLibrary classification - U.D.C
Library financeLibrary information networks - Standards
Library managementLibrary management CD-OM Databases
Library materialsLibrary materials - Conservation and restoration
Library materials conservation - manualsLibrary materials - Preservation, Conservation
Library operationLibrary organisation
Library resourceslibrary science
Library scienceLibrary service-guides
Library service-marketingLibrary services
Library services-evaluationLibrary users - Information needs
Library use studiesLICS-13
LICS 2000LICS 2001

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