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BacteriaBacterial toxins
Bacteriophages - Laboratory manualsBaculovirus - Genetics
Balancing of machineryBall grid array technology
Banach algebrasBanach space
Banach spacesBanach spaces-Geometry Plans, Antonio Freschrift
Banach, Stefan, 1892-1945Bargmann, V Festschrift Mathematical physics
BASH Shell Data Communication UnixBasic (Computer program language)
BASIC (Computer program language)BASIC(Computer program language)
BASIC(Computer program language) - Programmed instructionBasic(computer programming)
BASIC (Computer programming)Basic concepts of function and probability
Basic geometric, algebraicBasic philosophy
Basic (Programming)BASIC-Programming, Electronic digital comp. Computer progra
BatteriesBatteries, Electric
Batteries Electric batteriesBatteries, Primary
Battery materialsBayesian decision
Bayesian statistical decision theoryBayesian statistics
Bayes methodBBC general gnowledge programme
Beagle Expedition Beam dynamics
Beam dynamics and technology issues for u+u- collidersBeam instrumentation
Beam stability and nonlinear dynamicsBearing (Machinery)
Bearings - DesignBearings(machinery)
Bee products - Therepeutic useBehavior
Behavioral evolutionBehavioral science in industry series
Behavioral statisticsBehavior-India Personnel management-India
Behaviour, humanBelgian symposium
Bell telephone laboratories - HistoryBell Telephone Laboratories - History
Bessel transformsBeta lactam antibiotics - Synthesis
Bezout's theoremBHA - Fluid engineering centre
Bhagavantam.S.- BiographyBHRA - Fluid engineering centre
Bibiliographic ClassificationBibliography- IQSY
Bibliography- IQSY observationsBibliometric methods in assessing
BibliometricsBicycles -Design
Bifurcation theoryBifurcation Theory
Big-Bang theory Black holesBigebra
Biharmonic equations - ElasticityBinary data: analysis
Binary systems (metallurgy) Binary systems(Metallurgy)
Binomial coefficientsBiochemical engineering
Biogas industry - Cost effectivenessBiographical memoirs-fellows of the oyal Society
Biographical memoirs-fellows of the Royal SocietyBiographies Science-Biographies
Bio-logicBiological charactrestics
Biological diversity cibservatuibBiological diversity conservation Forest conservation Fores
Biological productsBiological statistics
Biological substanceBiological Systems
Biological systems as objects of modellingBiology
Biology - Conferences, symposia etcBiology - Data processing
Biology, EvolutionaryBiology Human Genetics
Biology - LiteratureBiology - Mathematical models

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