Director Structure of Books Database

J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library has an enormous collection of books which covers almost all the fields of research. To make books access easier to the user, the directory structure of books has been introduced. The books have been classified in to seven databases as per the IISc divisional structure. The divisions are further divided into respective Departments. Each record(book) in the database is given keywords according to library specification. Depending on these keywords the user will search for his book in a defined procedure which is as follows :

1. Select the division under which you think your book will come under.

2. Select the associated department.

3. Typt the keyword of your choice or select the starting letter of your keword if no choice.

4. Now you will have starting letter of the titles which has your keyword. Choose one among them.

5. Choose the title to get the full details of that book.

Happy Browsing..