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Machine elementsMachinery- Design- Handbooks, manuals,etc.
Machine theoryMachining- Handbooks, manuals etc,
MacromoleculesMacromolecules- Fluid state
Magnetic fields- SolarMagnetoacoustic
MagnetosphereMaintenance systems
Malnutrition - India Tribals - IndiaMammals Anderson, Sydney, ed. Pleasance, Simon, Tr.
Management information systemsManagement science
Management trainingManagerial accounting
Man and societyMangement information system
Mangrove plantsManipulators (Mechanisms)-Automatic control Robots, Industr
Manufactureing processMarine Biological Association of UK Ocean life Photobiology
MarketingMarket surveys - USA
Markov chainsMarkovian processes
Markov processesMars
Mass spectrometryMatematical physics
MaterialsMaterials (Engineering)
Materials- Mathematical modelsMaterials - Microsocpy
Materials - PropertiesMaterials science
Materials science - DictionariesMaterials- Testing
Materia medica - MedicineMathamtical optimization
Mathematical analysisMathematical analysis
Mathematical: linear and nonlinear programmingMathematical models
Mathematical optimizationMathematical physics
Mathematical physics- EquationsMathematical physics - Matrics
Mathematical programmingMathematical statistics
Mathematical statsiticsMathematicians - France - Biography
MathematicsMathematics - 1961-
Mathematics - 1961- Mathematics - Algebra
Mathematics - Algebraic TopologyMathematics:civil engineering
Mathematics - Collected worksMathematics convexity
Mathematics: design and analysis of experimentsMathematics- encyclopaedia
Mathematics - HistoryMathematics - Lexicography
Mathematics - Real analysisMathematics Recreation-Mathematics
Mathematics - TablesMatrices
Matrices, inverseMatric space
Matrix, algebraMatrix games
Matter,Kinetic theoryMatter- Mechanical property
Matter - properties(macroscopic and technical)Maximum entropy methods
Max Planck- AutobiographyMeasurement (Engineering)
Measurement technology - Hermetic semiconductorMeasure theory
Measuring instrumentsMeasuring Instruments
Mechanical engineering - Handbooks, manuals, etc.Mechanical engineering- Handbooks, manuals etc.
MechanicsMechanics, Applied
Mechanics, CelestialMechanics (Engineering)
Mechine designMechine engineering - dictionary
Medical Laboratory - ManualMedical libraries
Medical syndromes - dictionariesMedicinal chemistry
Medicinal plants - BiotechnologyMedicine - Dictionaries

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