Physical & Mathematical Science Division

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Balancing of machineryBall grid array technology
ballistic missile , aerospaceballistic missile, aerospace technology
ballistic missile , space technologyballistic missile, space technology
Ballistic missile , space vehicle systemballistic missiles , space vehicle system
Banach algebrasBanach space
Banach spacesBanach spaces-Geometry Plans, Antonio Freschrift
Banach, Stefan, 1892-1945Bargmann, V Festschrift Mathematical physics
Bars - deflectionsBars (Engineering) Thin-Walled (Structures)
BASH Shell Data Communication UnixBasic (Computer program language)
BASIC(Computer program language)Basic concepts of function and probability
Basic documentsBasic geometric, algebraic
Basic nursing educationBasic philosophy
BASIC-Programming, Electronic digital comp. Computer prograBatteries
Batteries, ElectricBatteries Electric batteries
Batteries, PrimaryBattery materials
Bayesian decisionBayesian statistical decision theory
Bayesian statisticsBayes method
BCTM-1998>Electronic circuits>IEEE: Electron Devices SociBCTM'96
BCTM>Electronic circuits>IEEE: Electron Devices Society>BDHTML(Dynamic hypertext markup language)
Beagle Expedition Beam instrumentation
Beam physicsBeams - Dynamics
Bearing (Machinery)Bearings - Design
Bearings(machinery)Bearings (Machinery
Behavioral evolutionBehavioral science in industry series
Behavioral statisticsBehavior-India Personnel management-India
Behaviour, humanBelgian symposium
Bell, Eric Temple - BiographyBell telephone laboratories - History
Bell Telephone Laboratories - HistoryBeneficial insects-Czechoslovakia-Pictoral Forest insects-C
Bernhard Riemann, 1826-1866Bessel transforms
Bezout's theoremBhagavantam.S.- Biography
BHRA - Fluid engineering centreBibiliographic Classification
bibliographyBibliography- IQSY
Bibliography- IQSY observationsBibliography-Tidal hydraulics
BibliometricsBicycles -Design
Bifurcation theoryBifurcation Theory
Big-Bang theory Black holesBigebra
Biharmonic equations - ElasticityBimolecular collisions
Binary systems (metallurgy) Binary systems(Metallurgy)
Bind (Computer Program)Binder economy
Binomial coefficientsBiochemical engineering
Bioengineering College of engineering, Penn State UniversitBioengineering IEEE
Biogas industry - Cost effectivenessBiogas - Technology
Biographies Science-BiographiesBioinorganic chemistry
Biological charactresticsBiological diversity cibservatuib
Biological diversity conservation Forest conservation ForesBiological products
Biological rhythms in plants Biological science
Biological SciencesBiological statistics
Biological Systemsbiological warfare

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