Physical & Mathematical Science Division

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Machanics, Classicalmachine design
Machine designMachine design.
Machine Designmachine - Designe
Machine designeMachine design-Tribology
Machine elementsMachine elements.
Machine learningMachine parts
Machine - Parts - Failure analysisMachine parts- handbooks
Machine parts-sourcebookMachine readeable bibliographic data
Machine recognitionMachinery
machinery - DesignMachinery design
Machinery -DesignMachinery - Design
Machinery- Design- Handbooks, manuals,etc.Machinery-design-mathematical models
Machinery-Design Power transmissionMachinery, Dynamics
Machinery, kinematics ofMachinery, Kinematics of
Machinery, Kinemetics of -Data processing Machinery, DynamiMachinery - Measurement
Machinery - MonitoringMachinery -Motion
Machinery - NoiseMachinery - Reliability
MachinesMachine - Shop
Machines- types, construction, applicationsMachine theory
Machine theory Machine theory Formal languages Programming (Electronic comv
Machine toolsMachine tools.
Machine- toolsMachine tools- automation, control
Machine tools - Numerical controlMachine-tools- Numerical control
Machine-tools-Numerical controlMachining
Machining- AutomationMachining - Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Machining- Handbooks, manuals etc,Macintosh (Computers) - Programming
Macmillan series in applied mechanicsMacrocyclic ligand
MacromoleculesMacroscopic coefficients
Macroscopic coefficients: hydrogen and rare gasesMadelbrot set
Magentic fileds (Cosmic physics)Magnesium-extraction
Magnetic AmplifiersMagnetic bearings - Symposium
Magnetic bubblesMagnetic cores
Magnetic devices INTERMAG'89 IEEE: Magnetics GroupMagnetic excitations
Magnetic fields (Cosmic Phy.)Magnetic fields (cosmic physics)
Magnetic fields (Cosmic physics)Magnetic fields(Cosmic physics)
Magnetic fields- SolarMagnetic fluctuations
Magnetic fluidsMagnetic materials
Magnetic materials to mutagenic agentsMagnetic memory(Calculating-machines) - Mathematical models
Magnetic phase transitionMagnetic recorders and recording
Magnetic recorders & recordingMagnetic resonance
Magnetic ResonanceMagnetic resonance- Biology
Magnetic suspensionMagnetic Suspension
Magnetic testingMagnetic trap
MagnetochemistryMagnetohydrodynamic Energy Conversion
Magnetohydrodynamic generatorsMagnetohydrodynamic instabilities
Magnetohydrodynamic wavesMagnetohyrodyanamics
Magneto opticsmagnetoresistance

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