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X99 ChicagoXenix (Operating systems)
XML (Document markup language)X-ray analysis
X-ray astronomyX-ray crystallography
X-ray crystallography X-ray Crystallography
X-Ray crystallographyX - Ray cystallography
X-ray diagonosticsX-ray diffraction
X-ray lasersX-ray microscope
X-ray scatteringX-rays - Diffraction
X ray spectroscopyX-ray spectroscopy
X window system (Computer system)X window system (Computer system) Micro-Computer work stati
X window system (Computer system) Windows (Computer programX-crystallography
Xmt LibraryX-ray analysis
X-ray and inner-shell processesX-ray crystallography
X - Ray crystallographyX-Ray Crystallography
X-Ray- LasersX-ray microanalysis
X-Ray - ScatteringX-rays - Diffraction
X-rays- Industrial applicationX-ray spectroscopy
X Window system(Computer systemX-ray-lasers
X-ray optics

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